Thoughts on Love, Sex, Kink, and Gay Romance Novels

Have you ever had something that you’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but had never gotten around to until you got that last little push? For some reason when this happens to me it often ends up triggering a minor obsession for a while. Enter Goodreads. This site really is just as awesome as everyone told me it was.

I had plans to write about finding the m/m romances you’re most likely to like. I’m sure that I will still use some of that content later, but some of it now seems superfluous now that I’ve really spent some time at Goodreads.

I’ve just spent 6 hours going through my list of books purchased from Amazon, Bookstrand and Allromance ebooks, adding most of the books to my Goodreads account. I added 525 read books and more than 100 to my want to read pile, because what I needed most in my life was to increase my to-be-read pile. On the other hand, it is really cool going through its book recommendations, which I’m finding more pleasant to work with than the recommended books features at the places I usually buy books.

Now that I’ve gone through the tedious up-front work, I’m going to try to keep my list up-to-date. I Promise I’ll write about sex next time once I’ve recovered from the information overload.

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