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All the World’s a Sex Toy

I just finished a scene in my work in progress in which one of the characters has promised he can design a scene with any three innocuous-seeming items the other picks out from a gadgety store. It was a lot of fun to write and it reminded me how much I enjoy improvised sex toys.

Don’t get me wrong–I love leather and chains and various customized instruments of erotic delight as much as the next gal, presuming the next gal also needs a step-ladder for her mind to get high enough to see the gutter.  And yet, there’s also something delicious about perverting the uses of innocent every-day items, using them to create unique experiences and salacious associations.

So, I figured I’d share my top reasons for creating sex toys out of everyday objects.

  1. Exercise your Creativity. I love the challenge of coming up with something new and interesting. I remember having conversations with my boyfriend at 16 and we’d take turns saying an item and the other would have to come up with a way to relate it to sex. I’ve been thinking this way for a long time.
  2. Create New Associations. This is possibly my favorite benefit. Whatever items you choose will forever remind you both of the scene and create a fun shared association that you can allude to in other settings. Even though the relationship went badly, I still smile whenever I see certain items.
  3. Surprise. If you pull out a flogger, it’s relatively obvious what’s going to happen next. If you pull out a sharpie, some rubber bands and a refrigerator magnet, the intent will be less clear.
  4. Discretion. You don’t have to worry about people stumbling across your sexy stash if its composed of normal household goods, though they might wonder why you’re keeping certain things in the bedroom.
  5. Cost. Custom sex toys are often a lot more expensive than other items you can find.

So does anyone have any favorite pervertables? Or if you have a list of 3 items that you think can’t be perverted, put them in the comments and if they inspire me I’ll try to design a scene with them and post it here.

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