Thoughts on Love, Sex, Kink, and Gay Romance Novels

I should also throw in soldiers, athletes and construction workers too.  If in a thousand years people (for some unfathomable reason) try to piece together our culture just from m/m romance novels, they’d probably assume that half the members of all these professions were gay, and that half the population held one of these jobs.

This is not by any means a complaint since I’m also drawn to those books like a hormonal moth to a testosterone-burning flame. But it has made me think about why we love to read and write about these particular men so much.

In some ways, I think this reflects the disparate societal progress in acceptance of gay men. When writing contemporary male/male novels some professions get an automatic narrative tension boost because we intuitively know that it is harder and more dangerous to be a gay man in those bastions of masculinity.

Harder and yet somehow more compelling as well. In these arenas with a much smaller percentage of women it seems somehow natural for us to imagine these men taking solace and comfort from one another. And if those relationships are more risky and dangerous then that just makes the triumph of true love that much sweeter.

Or maybe I’m overthinking things and these guys are just naturally hot. 😉

What about you? Do you have any professions or types of men you particularly love reading about?


Comments on: "Firemen, cowboys, and policemen, oh my!" (1)

  1. I think a good bit of it may come from what we see as attractive from a purely physical, anthropological standpoint. Men in these professions tend to be (or tend to be thought of as) physically fit, capable, strong, confident, assertive, Alpha-Male types. Men who are brave, fearless, capable leaders, etc. And when you look at us objectively, as a species, throughout time, it was those kinds of Alpha Males that survived, that lived long enough to reproduce. As we evolved, instinct may have turned to sexual attraction. A lot of people are attracted to those strong men, with those glistening muscles, that fearlessness, that ability to assess a situation and make quick decisions.

    For me, I love cowboys (but that’s because I had horses growing up) and military men. I also love (particularly in m/m novels and stories, but in hetero stories, as well) men who are in professions such as doctors, lawyers, and other careers that can be fast-paced and require mental stamina. But at the same time, I will never turn down a story about a man in a mechanic’s uniform.

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