Thoughts on Love, Sex, Kink, and Gay Romance Novels


Because the internet needed another blog. Ok, maybe not. Mostly, I needed an outlet. I’ve been spending an alarming percentage of my free time (and some that really should be allocated elsewhere) reading and thinking about m/m romances and related topics. None of the people I know in real life share this hobby and so are generally not all that interested in discussing it. But I’m an analytical person and if I start analyzing something and can’t share it, it just goes round and round in my head, costing me precious sanity points from an already dwindling supply.

So, if I write these things down, they’ll be out of my head and I can relax, even if no one else ever reads them.

I’ve also been inspired by following so many great authors to try writing a book as well. I’m much better at starting things than finishing them, so we’ll see how this goes. But I may use this blog to talk about that process as well.

If the mood strikes, I may also post thoughts on some of the books I’m reading. I don’t plan on doing formal reviews since so many sites are doing that so well. Mostly just quick impressions and invitations to talk about particular books.

Also at any point, anyone should feel free to jump in with recommendations of books you liked or didn’t. Just try to be polite and non-repetitive and we’ll all get along fine.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at kikilynnwood at gmail dot com.

Anything to Say?

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